January 4th 2020

2021 Yearly Theme: The Year of Development

In the last year, I have struggled mightily to complete projects. My inability to leave my small apartment has highlighted a tendency in myself and my work (in many ways) to jump wildly from idea to idea, without achieving a level of depth that I am satisfied with. While in some ways I feel that this is a strength as it allows me to draw from diverse bodies of knowledge and draw unique conclusions, I also feel that it is not a trait acquire by virtue of practice but rather through acquiescence to my natural predilections. 

The year of development is a commitment to sit with single ideas for longer and explore them thoroughly. In my compositions this means, allowing my ideas to sit for longer and figuring out strategies within my workflow that will make development as natural as generation.

In my research and teaching, this means developing a greater depth of knowledge to better support my current practices. At the end of last year, I (quite by accident) stumbled upon the body of literature on critical pedagogy by way of punk critique of education, and am looking forward to dedicating time this year to deepening my knowledge of writings on the subject (looking at authors like hooks, Giroux, Apple, Freire, etc.).

I am also going to begin incorporating more development focused exercises into my compositional practice,

dedicate more time to developing some of my existing compositions (remix electronic parts, building more user friendly interfaces, rearranging existing works that have not been performed because of instrumentation etc.).

Lastly, development means actually developing this space as a repository of ideas, so if you are here in or after March of 2021, and this is still the only post, I’ve fucked up.

Happy 2021!

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